Potholes and Puddles

092 (1720x1147)

Theodore and Jacqueline use their shovels as paddles in their make-believe kayaks

Once in a while, quite often actually, I think it’s good to just let kids be kids, regardless of my personal feelings on cleanliness, order, and things along those lines. Yes, we have a huge pothole in our driveway. Yes, the kids have assisted in its growth more than any other natural factor. Yes, Theodore does have his boots on the wrong feet, but it didn’t slow him or his imagination down at all. And, yes, I let them get soaking wet, dirty, and a little bit cold while they let their imaginations run down their river. They played and played, enjoying the adventures only kids can create. I laughed with them and enjoyed the purity of kids being kids.

096 (1720x1147)

The twins are making good time on the river, paddling away

099 (1720x1147)

I stood and took pictures of the twins while they were pretending that I was a bear and they were paddling down river to get away

101 (1720x1147)

Finally, convincing them I was not a bear, they actually glanced at me…

103 (1720x1147)

…but not at the same time

Theodore snaps a picture of a wild bear (me) while sitting in his 'pretend' kayak

Theodore snaps a picture of a wild bear (me) while sitting in his ‘pretend’ kayak






4 responses to “Potholes and Puddles

  1. I loved this one! It’s likely a memory they’ll have years down the road…looking back upon their adventurous kayaking trip, when they narrowly escaped that dangerous bear 🙂

  2. Just thought I’d share how I came to follow your blog. I’m a Canadian girl, from Carleton County, now transplanted to Kansas City, MO where my husband grew up. Your cousin, Amnada P. is my friend on facebook – when I read your beautiful tribute to your Auntie, her Mama, I was hooked on your writing. I very much enjoy your blog, pictures, and stories. What a beautiful family you have!

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