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Our National Anthem

It’s a cool, clear, crisp autumn morning and I temporarily lose the ability to discern depth by gazing deeper and deeper into the vastness of blue above me. In the background, I am listening to a loop of various renditions of our National Anthem. This version has become one of my personal favorites. Sometimes I sing the words, sometimes I hum a bit, and sometimes the emotion just makes my voice sound like an old rusty gate swinging in the breeze. I listen to the words. I listen to the passion pouring from the various performers. I think of the setting in which the songs’ words were penned. I try to wrap my head around the meaning of the various phrases throughout the song to so many people in so many places around the world. Imagine for a minute how many thousands, even millions of times, a person somewhere on this planet has been thrilled to the core that “our flag was still there”. It gives me chills. I love this country.

How many of you know all of the words to the verse that is sung daily all over this wonderful country? How often do you sing these inspired words? It’s a great song, a tough song to sing, and it’s OUR National Anthem. I love to sing it. I love to hear it. I love to think about it, and all that it represents. I sing it often with my 3-1/2-year-old twins. They like the song already. It is truly my favorite song. When I hear it on various radio stations at noon time or to begin, or even end their broadcast day, I always listen. Always.

As for today, I have started my morning with the words of my favorite song and the depths of my favorite color. God Bless the USA.

Too Much Here For One To See

I look to the sky and the blazing sun
Feeling like I’ve arrived, the only one
This place before me feels like home?
Should I never leave here, no longer roam?
God must have painted here, these very tones
Man has not touched this place nary a stone
Sitting, I gaze upon this beautiful place
Content, I wish to stay, leave the race
How is it that a site can affect me so?
I couldn’t retreat now if I wanted to go
I wonder aloud, here am I intended to be?
Perfect; sky, water, rock, quiet and me?
Feeling privileged as if near the Creator
My senses are whet like never before
There’s an urgency I feel but it’s odd
Like I can wait here looking, to see God
Wait I do, frozen really on this grassy lea
In time, I notice all, He is revealed to me
With sweeping glance again and again
I see there’s more than when I began
How could this be here, in its entirety?
Bigger, better, more efficient than any city
Hours seem to cram themselves into seconds
Astutely aware I long for time at this expanse
I came in by myself but do not feel alone
Arising, I wish to visit with each stone
All at once I wish to share this place
While wanting here, to witness just my face
I work to move among the vast scenery
Noting that maybe mans not meant entry
Time nor distance measure my rate
Only light or the lack of it track my fate
Once upon the floor of this earthly dimple
Closer inspect confirms my race, so simple
The beauty is all at once overwhelming
But still, nothing I’ve known more calming
Wandering among the divine, peace is mine
Hoping this space is the same for all time
The symmetry of societal plans exists away,
Away from this pastoral valley further today
Time is still, so am I, as it should be
For there’s too much here for one to see
Only the land prevents me from deliberating
Tranquil, I visit, the sound of my heart pulsating
Looking up I see water falling freely down
I feel no sound; don’t know where I’m bound
The flow disappears on the distant horizon
I move to the spot I keep my eyes on
Asking I wonder what I came here to see
It seems in this freedom I am finding me
The air is cooler the water again I spy
Calm at the base after the traverse so high
This cool spot wasn’t visible a while back
How long I enjoy it, I’ve simply lost track
Were there limits on the time I should spend?
It’s been night once since and I see no end
Then I wonder what pieces of this site
Will witness the sun setting tonight
I can’t guess the distance, or the time
Any checks vanish amid this nature sublime
Only the natural around including all sound
This freedom is true, the definition I’ve found
Waves of orange and red light another day’s end
In awe, man’s place I figure as God would intend
I close my eyes this time in hopes of a dream
Recounting this heavenly place aside a stream
This man, in awesome wonder, stops by free
Wishing all could encounter such majesty

Lesser Pain

Sometimes I wonder what it is you see
Because you’re not all that different from me
My eyes open too, I look upon this world
But I cannot say I know this direction hurled
A light I used to see, and could only share
Now only blinks from a place near despair
Love. There’s plenty here, even more
But your hands won’t rap on this door
Life’s too short, is what they all say
Too long, when you question each day
Looking inward I wonder yet again
If it’s yours or mine, the lesser pain
Sleep, or don’t, the answer’s not consumed
You know that, I need not presume
Maybe a day’s hard work would do
Look in the mirror, is it within you?
Care, I do, believe always and forever
Choices pull and push, there’s no never
I know enough to know that I’ve lost
The answers I mull carry such cost
It’s neither a game nor a contest
Yet time runs out, wish the best
Doors left open, yet left behind
Not yet closed they’re just hard to find
I don’t know what you desire
Do you know to what you aspire?
Not necessary now, progress at least
Push yourself from your will’s increase
We’re not all the same, that’s the thing
So many words carry a not needed sting
Focus, to your heart what does joy bring?
Helping another? The freedom to sing?
It’s not all bad, only the frame we spin
Break it down, and let yourself in
This hole in my heart, belongs to you
But I can’t make one do what they won’t do
The ball’s in a court that I cannot access
So, I ponder and pray, but will not regress
Run forward, and leave for always, this rut
You know the way better than you thought
I love you my dear, you’re with me still
You, and yourself, should address your will
Enough said, perhaps too many thoughts
There’s a place though, always, your spot

So, after sitting down and spilling these thoughts all over the pages on which I wrote, of course, I thought some more. I read this back to myself while I thought, and I decided that I am entirely unsure with the quality of this piece. On the other hand, I am certain that these thoughts rushed away like a torrent from the space closing between my heart and my brain. Then, for some reason, I thought of an old song that I probably shouldn’t even know. Somehow these words fit too; To me anyways.

I'm looking for a girl who has no face
She has no name, or number
And so I search within his lonely place
Knowing that I won't find her
Well, I can't stop this feeling deep in inside me
Ruling my mind

I feel no sound
Don't know where I'm bound 
The scenery is all the same to me
Nothing has changed or faded
I'm a part of it, some part of me
Painted cool green, and shaded
So, try to find myself must be the only way
To feel free

~ Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi



Nature please

Oh, if only there existed the time to take in its entirety…

the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.


You left your mark

Today’s your birthday but you’re not here
Thinking of you draws out lonely tears
You’ve been called home but we celebrate
No longer seen, but for the birth this date
What you did here matters more than now
Leaving your mark, teaching others how
The kid with the eyes that smiled always
Even when the toll’s taken in the last days
My heart sings in memory, our final embrace
Gently searching for the light in your face
Rest in peace my cousin as we carry on
One day ahead we shall all join together yon


We see you there and we ask why
Shouldn’t we just pass you by?
Life lessons tell us this is bad
We know; our mind’s eye is sad
Experience says this can’t go well
We’re all here so what do you tell
We close our eyes expecting mostly nil
We listen, then silence, all is still
We look, to be sure you’re still there
Holding our gaze we wait with despair
Then it happens, your mouth opens
The sounds, as if from the heavens
We peek; to see, is to believe
Caught in the moment we perceive
Black again descends, we float
Preconceptions we try to demote
We’re in awe and a little red
The voice, I mean nobody said
From the shell our eyes do see 
That an angels voice doth speak
Beauty so pure we have to account
Speechless, only tears flow about
Smiles press our lips as you sing
Pride tucked deep this is the real thing
Thanks for the courage to stand there
And let us who question, even dare
Impressions led us astray once again
You sang for us as if life depend
And we were in awe, even shocked
What did we know? We mocked
Pure as the driven snow, you shared
We quivered by the truth you bared
With nothing to lose you may have guessed
We went away in awe, thoroughly impressed

Seeking light at Abrams Pond

Sunrise, Abrams Pond 2013

Minutes after sunrise, Abrams Pond 2013