Twin quotes

After choosing the coolest day of the last five to actually venture in to the kiddie pool on our deck, the twins were soaked, and cold. Upon getting out of the pool after they were “skating” by sliding their feet on the liner under the water, they grabbed the towels that were nearby. Before drying themselves off, they proceeded to dunk their towels in the water, soaking them to the point of being almost too heavy to lift. Then they complained about the towels not drying them or warming them. I wonder why. As I lovingly asked them, “Do you have any brains in your heads?” Jacqueline responded matter-of-factly, “Nope. Just water in my head.” Dumb question by me.

Once I had them dried off, at least a little bit, and clothed (partially), they asked for food. I was already prepared and started sandwiches for them. Theodore asked, knowing we were out of ham, “Dad? Can I have a softie (not toasted) ham and cheese, with pretend ham?” I replied, “Of course you can Theodore! One softie cheese and pretend ham sandwich, coming right up!” He laughed, and went off to tell his sister the tale. He said, while laughing, “Dad is making me a pretend ham and cheese sandwich.” She asked, “A softie, Teddy?” His answer, “mmmm hmmm!”

So I completed the sandwiches and delivered them to their seats atop their rocking horses. They ate half a sandwich each while watching one of their shows, and before I could get the materials put away, they asked for more. Anticipating this, I had already made another softie for them and delivered it right away. Jacqueline said, with a chuckle, “That was really, really, really, fast!” Theodore accepted his sandwich, cut into triangles, and said, “Great job Dad.” I laughed and said thank you as I walked back to the counter. They both shouted in near unison “Thank you!” without turning from their show.


The twins watching a show on horseback

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