The Revolution

Living in a way-to-busy world that revolves around the revolution of that world. Here’s a thought, or two.

There’s a world out there I think, but I can’t see it
If I can’t get these plans together I’ll throw a fit
What day is it? Does it matter cuz I am so far behind?
If another thing goes wrong I may lose my mind
I am tired again, but it’s only been four straight years
Most of the silence I hear is drowned out by my tears
I have it better than most, but I wonder if that’s true
Maybe I’m the one not living, depressed, and blue
My simple life’s anything but, there’s another way, right?
 I mean, I sleep okay, but I still think all night
Caught up in the days that seem only to revolve
Around the revolution of this world I must solve
Didn’t I read somewhere about living hands free?
Time for an about-face, today I decide, to just be

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