Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day again and I thankful for my Dad. I have spent even more time with him this past year, and I so grateful for that time together. Happy Father’s Day Dad!


It’s Father’s Day today. One of my favorite days of the year really. I am fortunate to be a dad myself. Today isn’t about me though, it’s about my dad, and all the real dad’s out there. It’s not difficult to father a child, most any guy can do that. However, being a father, being a dad, that takes time, effort, patience, perseverance, and belief in something greater than yourself. For me, and for many, that something greater is God. I know there are millions of dads out there who, like me, believe in God, trust in Him, and have prayed often, just to keep our dad heads above water.

Fathers get their instructions in fatherhood passed down to them from their fathers. Each of them also brings their own experience and observation to the position of dad. My dad learned from his dad, and he’s done the best he…

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