Daily Archives: June 12, 2013

Swimming snake

We took the kids up to Elm Brook Park on Sunday afternoon for a visit to the beach and playground area. Upon getting to the beach on Hopkinton Lake, this spot is known as Elm Brook Pool, we noticed that the recent rains had elevated the water levels by quite a bit. Nevertheless, the kids played in the sand and even went into the water for a while. While playing catch with my son on the edge of the water while he has waist-high in the water, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. We stopped playing catch with the football and I snapped a couple of photos with my self-proclaimed ‘dumb phone’. Upon further review, we had a Northern Water Snake swimming past us and investigating everyone along the water’s edge. It made for some excitement among the children in the beach area, but only amounted to a brief visit by the wild snake. Eventually the snake swam out of the beach area into the tall grass and reeds. Our game of catch resumed and we had a good time. It was pretty cool to see the swimming snake as part of our fun afternoon at Elm Brook.

Northern Water Snake June 2013 Elm Brook 2

Northern Water Snake June 2013 Elm Brook