Mixed comments

The twins are approaching 3 years old and the commentary is amusing, if not hilarious, on a daily basis. These are some interactions from the last few days.

Jacqueline: (while sitting in her little fold up chair, reading from a book about dogs and cats) Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Me: Who is the fairest honey?

Jacqueline: I don’t know. I see a snake.

Me: A snake? There’s a snake in my boot!

Jacqueline and Theodore: (almost in unison) That’s not how it goes! Only Woody says that!

Jacqueline: You’re too funny daddy.

Jacqueline: (gasping and wide-eyed) Daddy! I see a bear!

Me: You see a bear? Where?

Jacqueline: Yes I do. It’s here (holds up her hands)

Theodore: (reaches in from nearby, and in a snatching of something invisible motion) All gone. I got it.

That was the end of that. No more bear, no more snake, just on to the next imaginary adventure. It wasn’t long before the kids claimed there were crocodiles in the area. There’s always plenty of animals around our place.


Theodore: (while talking on his play phone and looking for his little Thomas the Tank Engine) Thomas, where are you? I look everywhere for you. I can’t find you. Where are you?

Me: Theodore, who are you talking to?

Theodore: I talk to Thomas tank. I can’t find him. He’s not here. Where’s Thomas tank? Where is he? I check the toy box. (Opens the toy box lid) He’s not in here. (Grabs some toy keys and shuts the lid) There. I locked it.
Theodore continues: Now I’m leaving (keys in hand). I have to leave…(offering a wrinkle faced smile to me) Noooooo, I won’t leave you.

Jacqueline: (dramatizing a bit) Oh no, don’t leave me! Teddy! Don’t leave!

Theodore: (leaning in, looking at me, as if looking at a camera, gives her a hug) It’s okay sister. I don’t leave.


Sitting at the dinner table over the weekend, the three youngest kids, my wife and I were enjoying lunch when Jacqueline exclaimed, “That’s Theodore! He is so handsome!”

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