Daily Archives: December 22, 2012

“It’s not dark out”

It was before 7am this morning and Theodore was restlessly snuggling all around me. We were trying to be quiet as Mom and sister were still sleeping nearby. I was trying to get that extra little bit of sleep that almost never seems to happen. Even so, it was hard not to share in his excitement to get his day started. Then he looked up, peered out the window and gave me the following commentary.

It’s not dark out! It’s not dark outside. The sun is coming up. There’s no stars. I can’t see any stars. There’s clouds out there. They’re moving! The clouds are moving! I saw the clouds, no stars, no sun.

Then he tilted his head to one side, looked at me with a forced grin and said, “it’s not sleepy time anymore.” That was it. Time for us to go downstairs. Coffee is on.