Daily Archives: December 14, 2012

“I do pretty well”

The twins and I were out and about for a little while this morning and I had to share some commentary from the back row of the van.

First, “London Bridge” was playing on the CD player. Both twins were singing, at least a little bit. As we drove right by the airport, I asked Theodore, What’s that?”
Theodore: “That’s the airport tower. I work there.”
Me: “You work there? I didn’t know that. That’s great!”
Theodore: “I work there. I like it.”
Jacqueline (piping in) “I work there too. I do pretty well.”
Me: “You do well?”
Jacqueline: “Ya, pretty well.” Singing now, “my fair lady”

Then, as we often do on Fridays, I take them out for fries at McDonald’s. Although, today they wanted “Daddy’s favorite”, which would be maple frosted donuts. So, off we went, in search of Dunkin Donuts in either Goffstown, or the West Side of Manchester, these locations are most likely to have maple frosted donuts at near midday. Minutes later, as I’m driving…

Theodore: “I can’t see em, I can’t see em.”
Me: “Can’t see what Theodore?”
Theodore: “I can’t see any donuts.”
Me: “Well, we’re still looking for donuts.”
Theodore: “Daddy will find the donuts? Daddy will find them.”
As I pull into Dunkin Donuts…
Theodore: “You found donuts Daddy! You did good job Daddy!”
Jacqueline: “We get Dadddddddy’s favorite!”
Theodore: “No! I get Daddy’s favorite!”

It’s always amusing, and often times, quite funny to hear what commentary comes out of the back of the van.