Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

“There’s an eagle up there”

Theodore and Jacqueline have both been coughing and congested for a week or so now. So I have gone through dozens of tissues, blown noses, wipes, and the charade of mixing it up to keep them remotely interested in getting their sore noses cleaned up.

Today it was my precious little boy who showed his warm, soft way about him. After I had him in my arms, I cleaned his nose as he blew. So, I used my line to get him to look up so I could make sure all was clean. Then it went something like this…

Me: Okay, look up at the sky.
Theodore: There’s an eagle up there.
Me: There’s an eagle in the sky?
Theodore: Yes, it’s a big one.
Me: Wow! I love eagles.
Jacqueline: (piping in, always nearby) Eagles are so beautiful!
Theodore: I want to hold him. (puts both hands out in front of him, hands up, both hands touching)
Theodore: I want to hold a little tiny one.
Theodore: Do you want a bigger one?
Me: I will hold the big one.
Theodore: (grabbing at my hands) You can hold the big one.
Theodore: (shoulders shrugged, cute grin on his face, like talking about a baby) I’m holding the little tiny one. He’s beautiful.

“That’s my receipt”

I found an old receipt and picked it up off of the end table. I held it up and asked the following.

Me: Can someone please throw this away for daddy?
Theodore: (without looking up, or pausing from his activity) Nope.
Jacqueline: Mmmm hmmm. (Without looking at me or the receipt in my hand)
Me: Thank you.
Jacqueline: Wait! That’s my receipt. Throw it away aaaafffftttteeeerrrr.
Me: That’s your receipt?
Jacqueline: Mmmm hmmm. (Grabs receipt)
Me: Okay, will you throw it away please?
Jacqueline: Umm, yes I will.
She leaves to go throw it away and then returns.
Jacqueline: I throwed it away, my receipt, it’s in the garbage.
Me: Thank you very much
Jacqueline: You’re welcome very much! (Then she planted a kiss on me and took off)