Thanks #22 (History)

I am thankful for our history, U.S. History. I enjoy reading about it, and learning more about our history. Much more than we were ever taught in school. More importantly, I am thankful for the repeated examples of individuals who showed tremendous character, determination, and integrity throughout our history. Even with today’s speed of life, scenarios involving technological advances, political encounters, and religious discussions, there are points and people in our history that we should, could, and would be better off for having learned from. Even the details of the very first Thanksgiving festival show just how frail the line between thanksgiving and perishing on a foreign shore really was. It’s impossible to imagine how different history would have been were it not for the Native Americans offering their knowledge, and then some, to the English traveller’s. I’m thankful for the holiday which tends to bring families together allowing for focus on actual thankfulness.

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