Morning banter

This is just a sample of this mornings’ banter. It could be any morning really.

Jacqueline: I want to color.
Me: Okay, you want to color, over here?
Jacqueline: Ummm, no. I want to play cards for a while.

Meanwhile, Theodore hearing that she wanted to color had grabbed a coloring book for her. As he sets the coloring book on their play table…

Jacqueline: Oh, thanks buddy.
Theodore: You’re welcome. You color.
Jacqueline: I play cards now. I promise.
Theodore: I help you.

And on and on it goes. They’re chatting away this morning. It’s pretty funny and it gets heated every once in a while. Then I step in and try to reason with them. Theodore usually moves on to something else, while Jacqueline tilts her head to the side and takes the opportunity to share all of her thoughts with me. Most times she has quite a bit more to say than I do. So it goes, another precious morning with my twins.

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