Daily Archives: August 8, 2012

The Barn

The road is the same, carved through the forest
Around the bend, land opens, I like the best

Dew sparkles on the green like gems, or so it seems
My heart pauses as I approach this field of dreams

The setting is only more perfect than the measured lines
This oasis for so many, hidden among the pines

Hundreds have journeyed here and all stop to stare
Overcome by the forest’s secret lying silently there

One’s imagination kicks in and the boys of summer appear
But a secret we share prepares them year after year

Tucked behind the field on the edge of a ravine
Sat an unassuming building, in all of its green

This place we all knew was as important as the field
Our little treasure, many a good ball player did it yield

Part of the landscape, many came and went, noticing not
To many of us, inside this place was a favorite spot

Whether its steps was our choice to hide from the sun
Or maybe the ramp was where the kids had some fun

Upon further looks there was room a plenty inside
There were tools, equipment, storage, and places to hide

Skills were honed and hours of work piled up high
This haven, our advantage, whenever rains filled the sky

The walls listened to our excitement in each promising year
Where we would work, together, in this place we held so dear

Bitter cold, deep snow, and winters bite only delayed the fun
Just until we warmed enough to get our workouts done

Hours spent talking the game, among friends with goals the same
More hours spent teaching, and improving everyone’s game

Balls thrown and battered, til leather gives way to just yarn
Constantly working, in this place we love, ‘The Barn’



Looking south at Mount Katahdin from Scraggly Lake.