Oh my deer

These were taken 10 days apart. The top one was in the front yard this morning. The bottom one was from the backyard a week and a half ago. I have seen a few more deer in between, but I can’t always get a picture.

I don’t always take pictures, but when I do, I prefer dos ciervo.

2012-07-09 005

Theodore and Jacqueline both got a few words in at/to this deer before it returned to the woods this morning. Theodore is starting to get pretty good at spotting deer and wildlife. Last night he spotted a skunk from the upstairs bathroom. Sorry, no picture of that one.

2012-06-29 004

This is the more common spot where we see deer. There are several acres of conservation land behind our property and the deer love it back there. Often times though, they come close to the house to see what green leaves they can eat in peace.

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