Daily Archives: July 6, 2012


The porch is part of the main house. It’s finished. Wood flooring connects the open space to the living room and the kitchen. Eleven windows and a nearly full glass door wrap around the porch-living area offering much light. At the end furthest from the kitchen, two wicker type chairs with a matching stand, face the windows looking southeast across the 400+ acre pond.

This morning the showers were heavy and somehow soft at the same time. Either way, they were soaking and no air moved while the rains fell. Soon enough the drenching downpours subsided and faded away as a soft mist. The darker grays yielded to softer gray and even some low wispy, white, puffy clouds. Still the air was very calm, the humid air still cool. The sun still climbing to its heights started to make its presence felt as patches of blue appeared and vanished amidst the grays.

The water of this large, but shallow, pond is still calm even as the skies overhead change by the minute. Several families of ducks teaching their young to navigate the water and a loon couple causing the only real ripples on the water.

In my corner on the porch, I read, enjoying this place and the peace it affords. The pitter-patter of two year old twin feet draw my attention around this open space. This is vacation for us. The quiet time in the cool morning, even in July, is relaxing and even a bit sleepy.

Soon enough the twins want to be outside, to go “schwimming” as Jacqueline proclaims. Grabbing mom, and their big sister they head for the front door and the deck on the front of the house. The deck is no more than 8 inches above the ground, perfect for the youngsters. The soft green grass is mixed with much, equally soft, clover. The gentle slope away from the house and toward the water is a perfect place for small feet to safely trod. Several hardwood trees help to frame the picture I see from my seat in the corner. Trees to the sides still allow plenty to be seen. Space enough to see the rising sun. Or to watch the performance of a diving loon. Plenty of room to watch the kids and their water fun. A perfect place to trace the path of a rising moon.

The sun is working as more blue appears. But the clouds that part grow darker in this mix of humidity, sun, clouds, and showers nearby. The leaves on the trees glisten, lit by the suns rays, with the drops left from the mornings rain. Breezes are yet to kick up but can’t be too far away on a day like today.

I sit in my corner and read. I learn more of our nation’s history and take in the eloquence with which others write. Last night I finished reading “Trail of Tears, The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation”, written by John Ehle. This morning I have started reading “Goodbye to a River”, written by John Graves. Reading about the past and the true stories of a hundred, or two, years ago, I wonder what this spot I gaze upon looked like when our nation formed.

So now I sit and write this out to share this place and the peace that I enjoy. There’s barely cell service here. There is no access to the Internet. There’s a television which gets just a few channels. The DVD player is in use often, as the kids settle down between adventures outside. From where I sit I can see the top of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island. Within 2-3 miles of where I sit the fingers of Frenchman Bay reach north to the road we take to get here. Also within a mile or two from here sits another pond to my south, where my grandfather had a cottage long ago. I can’t help but wonder what he thought as he sat and pondered those spaces around him dozens of years ago.

That’s all for now. I want to get back to my reading. Of course the kids require attention too. As I close this piece I look up and see a loon dive and I wonder where he will appear next.