Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Huddled in the Dark

Here’s to hoping that one man’s struggles can help out another
I share these thoughts as my cure and to help my fellow sister or brother
I sit here and let my mind go to the places where I once have been
My eyes water at my humble story looking back to where I was then
How can this that’s so familiar be so foreign and so wrong?
It’s our weakness that the angel of darkness depends upon
Herding us into the dark, unknown depths of the other side
The sort of places we wouldn’t visit but there we now reside
I was one of them, the folks huddled in the shadows of dark places
Standing alone, but alongside those who’d rather not show their faces
Thoughts, like dares from an unknown source, shattered my routine
Human, my weakness, took the invite, to see places I hadn’t seen
I thought the thoughts that just the month before were forbidden
Then proceeded to run past the meanings of things previously hidden
I ran so fast with barely a clue as to where I wanted to arrive
Thanks to God somehow I made it through that time alive
Somehow the sun rose each day presenting a 50/50 proposition
I had zero control over the days outcome, paralyzed by every decision
My rock bottom, seemed to contend each day with a point lower than then
There’s only so many bottoms to hit before it’s over or you’re on the mend
And so I went from day-to-day, week to week, before the pain built,
To a point I could no longer stand, action forced by the weight of guilt.
If you are out there, huddled in the dark, looking to the skies for your way
Find God a midst the mess and the single ray of light will come if you pray
It’s funny how clear this is when you think on Him for a second or two
The beauty portrayed by the dark angel can make you look the fool
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, that’s true
But a single thought to move in a new direction is required too
You can do it, no matter where you are and how far you’ve gone
God is there beside you, he’s here too, and for all of us he sent His Son.
Stop. Put yourself aside for a moment. Let the false picture fade away.
It will and you’ll wonder too, why it was so hard to see the gorgeous day. 
Just because your direction has been reversed it doesn’t ensure peace
Scenes from the movie you just left will pull at you, when prayers cease
It probably felt pretty easy getting to this dark land of despair
But, walking with God is the fastest way of getting out of there
Religion?!?! ?You may scoff. But without it; Where were you? Totally lost.
I was too. And only God can figure out how much that must have cost
So, kneel and pray. Put your thoughts aside as they have done no good
Let the Light lead the way. It can be done. Stand where the brave have stood
If you’re not sure where that place might be, look to the heavens and see
Because the God that walked with me, is there for you, and will always be
The journey never really ends, but the more Light you let in, the better it gets
Steps that seemed so impossible now move as if powered by jets
Welcome back, we missed you in the place you hid. If you don’t think so
Then just ask yourself, would you direct your child in this way to go?
Live each day. Enjoy. Breathe. Pray and embrace what comes each day
We don’t always get it, but God does work in mysterious ways.