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Twins and green grass

Yesterday the twins and I made a stop at the airport as we often do. This time we went to a different location alongside a long runway that runs East-West. This place has a larger area for the twins to play, without leaving the comfort of soft, green grass. We were up on a little hill that looks down over the airport, and since the airport property was to our south and west, there was a large open space in front of us. Our perch offered no wind break as the breezes gathered steam across the open areas and lifted gently up the hillside into our faces. We loved it. The breeze, or winds, were out of the south for the most part. It was warm enough for the kids and just cool enough on the top of the hill to be very comfortable.

Theodore and Jacqueline loved the open space. They ran, marched, jumped, and rolled around. They played their own private games of ring around the rosy. The part they loved the most was when they would fall down. They assessed every little thing that could have been a bug, even if it wasn’t actually a bug. They counted lady bugs in the grass, and were sure to say good-bye to the lady bugs when we left. They took some much needed breaks to grab their drinks that were sitting just inside the open sliding door of our minivan. They listened for the planes. They watched the planes and even saw a helicopter. They were mesmerized by the large garbage truck that came close to our spot. Both of them had reactions of awe as the dumpster was lifted high into the air and dumped into the truck. It was pretty funny to watch them react. Naturally, once the dumpster was back on the ground, Theodore said, “again”.

We were at this place for slightly more than an hour. There was plenty of fresh air to go around. Snacks and drinks were close by but took a backseat to the open space, soft, green grass, and the surprise of loud plane engines every once in awhile. It was just a little bit of fun with the twins and some green grass.

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