Kissing the TV?

This morning I put on the latest episode of the TV show “Wild Justice” to watch with the twins. They love to see animals on TV and this show has plenty of animals to see. So today’s show had footage of bears, dogs, deer, fowl, livestock, etc. At one point there was a scene showing three bear cubs stuck in a large dumpster/trailer. I pointed out the bears to the twins and they were excited to see the bears. They excitedly repeated the word, ‘bears’, in their own way, several times. Then, unprovoked by me, they approached the TV and gave the flat screen some big, fake, kisses. Each kiss was accompanied by a loud, exaggerated, “Mmmmmmuuuuuaaaa”! It was so very cute to see them wanting to kiss the adorable bear cubs.

Just a few minutes later, I paused the show so they could see a beautiful deer that was captured on camera. Immediately, both twins ran to the TV to give the deer a big kiss. They appear to know when something is cute to them. Today, when they saw cute, they wanted to kiss it, even if it was on TV. Just another moment among thousands that I am privileged to experience with the twins.

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