Happy Birthday Erin!

Happy 16th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Erin. I love you very much sweetheart. You are a wonderful, smart, beautiful young woman. I didn’t always know this, but I know it now; my life wouldn’t be full without you in it.

Like this morning, Easter Sunday, represents, a fresh start, a new life awaits. I look forward to your next 16 years, and beyond. Remember that the easy path, the easy things in life are usually wrong, or worthless. The hard work, pursuing the path less traveled, making the right decisions that are the toughest ones to make, brings the rewards worth accumulating. I trust there will be rewards aplenty for you as you grow, mature, and make proper choices with God’s help, our prayers, and your family’s continual support.

I love you so much. Your family loves you every moment, no matter what. We look forward to spending your birthday with you today. It’s going to be a great day Erin, and it’ll be an even better year. Happy Birthday Erin!

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