I just scanned some 10 year old pictures

Horses on snowy hill

This is a farm just east of Island Pond, VT. I believe it was November and the dark clouds looming held some big, white, fluffy snowflakes.

Foliage looking north on the Androscoggin

Looking north, up river, on the mighty Androscoggin River. Certainly one of my favorite rivers as it runs through moose country and can be smooth as glass early in the morning.

Lake Gloriette from Table Rock

This is Lake Gloriette which sits in front of The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel in Dixville Notch, NH. The view of the lake is from atop Table Rock, a favorite hike of the kids and I.

Reflection of foliage along the Androscoggin

Foliage reflects on a shallow bog along Dam Road in Errol, NH. There are so many bogs like this along the Androscoggin River. It's great moose country and the foliage doesn't hurt either.

The Balsam's from Table Rock

Sitting on top of Table Rock, looking down 700+ feet at The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel and Lake Gloriette. The view is almost as breath-taking as it is hanging on the edge of Table Rock's sheer cliffs.

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