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Ready? Go! Throw

In this case the twin sister taketh and the twin sister giveth back, well sort of. Recently a series of interactions appear to have taken the form of a routine between the twins.

This morning Theodore was playing with a face cloth on which he had placed a sticker. He was just carrying it around as he made his way around the play area. Enter Jacqueline. She managed to divert his attention and walk off with the face cloth. This sent Theodore into an immediate unhappy state. Enter Dad. I asked Jacqueline to please give the face cloth back to Theodore. I was expecting some resistance, but instead got the following:

With the face cloth in her left hand, facing Theodore. She is slightly bent at the waist, knees bent, like she’s trying to lean in and deliver the perfect pitch to a child learning to hit a baseball. She swings her arm back and forth like a little pendulum.
She says, “Ready?”

Standing and facing her in a less than ready position. Upon her question of “Ready?” he immediately responds with, “Go!”

With perfect timing she releases the face cloth at the top of her arm swing as her brother says, “Go!” This sends the face cloth fluttering into the air for a brief second. The cloth lands harmlessly on the floor at Theodore’s feet.

He bends down, picks up the cloth, and matter of fact-ly says, “Tank eew.”

That was it. I think he played with the cloth for another 30 seconds and they just moved on to the next thing. But the little interaction of ‘ready, go, throw’ was pretty cute. I’m sure I’ll see it again soon.


Sunny, snow, rain, sleet shower

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All at once the snow starting falling. Sleet was bouncing off of the side of the house. We could see it and hear it. Drops of rain were mixed in. Then the sun poked through, casting shadows and making for … Continue reading

Twin Adventures – Dancing and Somersaults

This is my first attempt at adding video to a post. We have a very small, inexpensive video camera that’s about the size of the wallet I used to carry. Small. It does take video though. The quality of the video is probably not that good. The content is priceless.

Scared of a cat

I took this quick picture of a pair of white-tailed deer that suddenly appeared on the little hill next to our house. I took this picture through the window with my smaller lens on the camera so it didn’t come out so well. While I was standing there looking at them, they suddenly turned and ran. I looked to my left to see if a car was coming up the driveway and scared them. Nothing. I looked to my right to see our house cat cautiously creeping from boulder to boulder as if he were hunting. Then the cat turned directly toward the deer, and the deer ran back into the woods. So, that was it, the deer were just scared of a cat.

IMG_7427 (2)

I’m working

Just around noon time today I started getting the twins ready for nap time. We refer to it as “Play Pen Time.” I usually ask them what time it is and they answer with “Play Pen Time!” which is generally accompanied the wagging of an index finger. Anyways, I was encouraging them to drink some milk as I always do, as to fill their bellies. Jacqueline retrieved her milk and took a couple of big sips. Theodore ignored me completely. So I urged again, “Theodore please drink some milk”. He never looked up and simply shrugged his shoulders. Again I urged him to drink some milk. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders again, and said, “I’m working”.

Freedom of the Truth

I know we talked, I remember our conversation.
I was certain of our focus, our cerebral participation.

The truths we discussed didn’t vanish when the silence began.
But rather they need to be with us, always at hand.

So, day by day, it’s our job to manage our mental inventory.
Our own internal check and balance for each spoken story.

The words we speak, the actions we take, are the story we tell.
When we’re not in control of the mind we have, others remember well.

While the effect we have, the people we touch, doesn’t resonate,
Completely with us until often times its much too late.

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
The quote is great, I used it, but Winston Churchill, it’s his.

Some truth, only God and we could ever know, it’s on me and you.
To make sure that our thoughts and our actions are true.

As we take our daily count of the truths we think, and the ones we say.
It’s so important to be accountable and not let even one get away.

Churchill also said, “A lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
Which is why I’m writing this, once the words are spoken, they’re gone.

We get one chance to speak the truth whether others hear it or not.
And if they do hear then our story’s been told, now subject to their thought.

Who knew that the words could travel so fast, and find so many ears?
A story coming to me from you, told by someone I’ve known for years.

The story repeated to me is not the truth, but the thought leading to the words,
Passed through your filters and were spoken aloud, totally absurd.

You know the truth, I know the truth, yet others feel your impact.
To them the words are the truth, but the lies, you can’t take back.

Like the weeds we manage in the garden, they come from a seed.
Lies too, start small as a seed of truth, a missed chance to be freed.

Apologies for the story you spread are in order, there’s no doubt.
A chance for the you that you want, to tell all what you’re about.

Until our thoughts and actions add up equally to the truth we know,
Then troubles will haunt us and follow us everywhere we go.

Clean the slate, come clean, set ourselves free, each and every day.
Then bend a knee, bow our heads, square up with God; Pray.

The freedom of the truth, all the time, every time, it’s a treat.
Get it right just one time, and then do all we can do to repeat.

I should know as I have been down this road a time or two, maybe more.
The freedom of the truth is so much better, of this, you can be sure.