Not your typical NH winter

It’s the last week of February. Usually this means biting cold, penetrating winds, and plenty of snow and ice. Not his winter. We have experienced little snow, not much ice, and the winds have been sandwiched between warmer than average temperatures. Last night we received some light snow showers. This morning there was a little bit of white on the ground. Knowing it wouldn’t last, based on today’s forecasted temperatures, I decided to see how long it would take to disappear. Well, in my front yard, which doesn’t even get morning sun, it took about two hours. I know we still have plenty of winter left, and we are not out of the woods as it relates to the threat of snowstorms. This has been a mild winter, very mild thus far.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge.

Morning snow 2-22-12

Front yard view at about 8:25 this morning. Light snow cover with a temperature of 31 degrees.

Morning snow 2-22-12 2 hours later

Front yard view at about 10:40 this morning. Snow cover has all but disappeared with a temperature of 42 degrees and climbing.

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