Multiple words

So, as a proud dad I had to share this.

Earlier this morning I picked Jacqueline up and laid her down to change her diaper. As she laid back, she handed me a small book she had in her hand. I took the book and put it on the carpet beside her, and I asked “Is that your book?” She said without a pause “My book is all done.” I laughed. I thought that was a pretty good answer for a 21-month old child.

A little bit later Jacqueline heard the furnace kick on downstairs. As far as she could tell it sounded like the garage door opening. She started for the window that looks out to the driveway. As she walked she said “Mommy?” So I asked her, “Where is mommy?” She looked back, over her shoulder, very quickly at me, shrugged her shoulders with her palms facing up, and said “I don’t know.”

I know to many, these stories aren’t that big of a deal. To me, our little girl who has just started using her many words together in the last couple of days, it’s pretty cool. If not funny. I am sure there will be hundreds of these episodes coming very soon. Some I will miss. Others, I will be here to hear the words, to hear the soft voice, to see the facial expressions, and to see the body language that comes with it.

All days aren’t the best days, and the “terrible two’s” might challenge me to the core, but there’s still heartwarming moments in every day. I just have to be looking for them, which, by the way, is half the fun. I could look for wrong and be too critical, which I know sometimes gets the best of me, but that’s not going to get us anywhere. I would rather think the glass is at least half full and the best moments in each day make all the days good. After all, tomorrow comes after the best days and after the worst days. Then the days simply is recorded as yesterday. Done. On to a new day when I can listen to my little girl’s sweet voice as she surprises me with some combination of multiple words.

Jacqueline looks on to make sure everything is up to her standards

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