Merry Christmas Thank You

Merry Christmas all. This will be a quick post even though I have so many thoughts running through my mind. Maybe I will put the rest of my thoughts into words another time. Today, Christmas Day, I want to thank my family, the Beal Family.

Last night, my brothers, my sister, our families, and I gathered at the house where we grew up. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve together. We spent a few moments celebrating my birthday as well. Thank you.

All twelve cousins were there, ranging in age from 19 years to 20 months. Since we all couldn’t be together today, we exchanged gifts with those who would be missed last night. We had a blast! It was good to be together with my parents, my brothers, and sister, in the house we have spent so many Christmases in together. We laughed until we cried, we shared in Christmas joy and excitement, we prayed, we remembered our Lord Jesus, the reason for this celebration.

This year we had decided that those folks and families who could get gifts for one another would do so, and those who couldn’t, wouldn’t. No expectations. Just time together, being the greatest gift we could give or share. All I can say, is thank you. Thank you so much to my family for all the gifts shared with us. It was overwhelming really. Thank you.

I know I had a great time visiting with everyone. I laughed a lot. I took a lot of pictures. I will share some of those photos here very soon. Now some of the photos will probably have to remain as ‘family only’ viewing as to protect the identity of the family members who clown around the most. Hilarious though, I must say.

All in all it was a great time when family came together. There were no other agendas, nothing else on anyone’s plate, just time to be in that old house together again. Time to enjoy one another, our family, the ones who are there for us at the end of our days. I know that’s how I felt anyways. I sat and watched the kids at various times. I noticed that many of the kids were, as I was at their age, wanting each moment to last longer, especially the moments when they could be a part of the adults conversation and celebration, basking in the sense that they too belong. I enjoyed every moment, each conversation, each laugh, the wide-eyed wonderment in the kids eyes, the wonderful food prepared by many, the passing and teaching of the traditions to younger generation, the spirit of Christmas, the knowledge that God gave his Son, the reason for Christmas.

So, Merry Christmas everyone. I thank you Mom and Dad for having us there, and all the gifts too. Thank you to my brothers, my sister, their spouses, their families, and for both types of gifts. The ones we carry home at the end of the night and the ones we carry forever in our memories. Thank you Beal Family for accommodating us and for going out of your way to make Christmas Eve 2011 such a special time for us. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

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