Thinking of our military this Christmas

Just about any time I think about our military personnel, past and present, when I really think of all they do, all they sacrifice, I cry. I am especially emotional on this subject at Christmas time. At no time of the year is there more of an urgency, a search for togetherness, to be with family than at Christmas time. I offer this Christmas tribute. This is not mine, I am just sharing this that I have found. I like this little story, this poem. As I listen to the words and wipe away the tears, I have a few thoughts that I started typing here.

I am one very thankful christian American this time of the year.
Listening to this little poem, I cannot help but shed a tear.
I am thankful to God for sending his only begotten Son.
I thank American soldiers, and for all this country they’ve done.
Were it not for the greatest gift that has ever been given to us,
There would be no country to protect, In God We Trust.
It’s Christmas time, a time for family. If I had my way, 
All our soldiers would be home with family on Christmas Day. 
I know this is short and yet I have so much more I could say.
I just wish I knew how to let all the soldiers know I feel this way.

It’s neither about me, nor should it ever be. I just weep when I think of what God gave up with his only Son. I weep some more when I think of all the families who will spend this Christmas hoping their soldier is safe as they are somewhere else because they chose to defend my freedom. Thank you God for sending your Son. Thank you United States military for having our backs. Merry Christmas and may God bless you all.

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