Just a little moment

It was just a little moment. Maybe it lasted for a minute or two. The twins on their tip-toes, stretching instinctively to get the highest vantage point possible. Who teaches them that? They both knew that as they leaned on the sliding glass door to the backyard, they had to get higher to see better. As I took a knee to pick each of them up, they grabbed for my neck as to steady themselves on the way up. I stood up, facing the slider, with one twin in each arm. They worked to turn themselves into the best position so they could look outside. I didn’t get any pictures of what was outside because I spent this little moment with the twins so they could take it in. As we peered into the backyard I let the twins find the object of our gaze on their own. They struggled at first looking all around and wondering what daddy was so excited for them to see. Then with the flip of a furry whitetail they squealed with their own excitement. Now they saw the beautiful white-tailed doe standing on the knoll out behind the house. As they slapped their hands on the glass, the deer took notice and just stared toward the house on high alert. Then as quickly as it had appeared it turned again, and walked into the woods. The twins, seeing the deer’s white-tail in retreat, both raised a hand and waved. They knew even in this little moment that this meant good-bye at least for now. Theodore continued his wave long after the doe was out of sight. He shared some mumbled narrative with me, I think recapping what he had seen as I put him down. Jacqueline exclaimed over and over, “Deer!, Deer!, Deer!” and gave one last half interested wave toward the backyard as if to say, she was all done with this little moment. I put her down too. As their little feet hit the carpet they were off to something else, another moment perhaps. Every day is full of little moments and I try real hard to make sure I am present for them, and to make them as memorable as possible. As you know these moments in life go way too fast. Kids, or no kids, try to take some time as often as possible to be very much a part of all the little moments.

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