Old Toy Trains

This post is for my brother Pete. It’s about a simple, short song and it is one of my Christmas favorites. Old Toy Trains as sung by Roger Miller. When I hear this song it takes me back to my living room as a kid. The record player spins, Roger Miller’s voice calms my Christmas excitement for a moment or two. Visions of what is wrapped underneath our perfectly lit tree fill my head. As I stare toward the tree I stare right through my focus and the lights turn to a Christmas glow. Warmth is all around me, the sounds are perfect, soft and soothing, as the needle jumps to the next song on the old vinyl record. I ask my dad to lift the arm holding the diamond needle so I can hear Old Toy Trains again. Everything is right, everything is just as it should be, in my little Christmas world.

Some of you may relate to the song and what it means to you. Others may have another song that does the same thing for them. Either way, slow down, listen to the song that takes you back, and enjoy this years moments while reflecting in yesteryear’s memories. Take the time to create new memories that one day your grown child will reflect on as I have here. What is this year’s old toy trains?

One response to “Old Toy Trains

  1. Reblogged this on 1inawesomewonder and commented:

    I just heard this song this morning, and I thought I would revisit this post. Merry Christmas!

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