Daily Archives: November 21, 2011

Never too tired for a return home

This will be short and quick as I get ready to head out the door. I was up from 2am until 4am this morning, welcoming my son Ryan home. His flight didn’t land until almost 1am and fortunately a couple of his buddies picked him up for me. Even so, I had to get up and welcome him home, regardless of the hour. Ryan, and his buddy Reece, sat up with me for two hours and we just caught up, laughed, and enjoyed sitting in our family room. Our family room has been a favorite spot for gathering, watching sports, talking, laughing, and perfecting our brand of humor over the years. So, even though, I am a bear this morning, and we were all exhausted in the middle of the night, but I would do it again because I am never too tired for the kids to return home.

This morning we are up earlier than we would like to be as Ryan and I head to Orono for a visit to the University of Maine. The twins were up early too, and it only took a couple of moments for them to warm up to their big brother Ryan. He couldn’t wait to see them and based on their reactions, they couldn’t wait to see him. I took a quick picture with my phone to capture the moment. And even though the quality isn’t the best it’s still worth at least 500 hundred words. We are off for school visit number one of this week. It’s going to be a great day.

Ryan visits with Jacqueline and Theodore for the first time since August.