A look ahead

Looking ahead to tomorrow I will have a Veteran’s Day themed post. I have thought on this often over the years, and I hope you will enjoy it. I have always liked the Veteran’s Day holiday since I was a kid, primarily because I don’t want those folks ever to be forgotten. We take so many things for granted, our military certainly should not be one of those things.

Thanksgiving is just two weeks from today! It’s hard to believe it’s that time of the year again. 6.5 weeks to Christmas, 7.5 weeks to the New Year. It flies by! I really do enjoy the weeks starting with Thanksgiving and running through New Year’s Day. I guess it’s because I had so much time with family over those weeks while growing up. I certainly have a lot of memories surrounding that time frame. I am sure I will be sharing some memories of the Holidays with you all over the next several weeks. My favorite time of the year.

I leave you with a question. Which of these is your favorite Holiday?

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