Deer in the yard

This is not uncommon at our house. We get deer in the yard all the time. Somehow I never get tired of it though. I love wildlife and deer are among my favorites. Moose are tops on my list, but deer aren’t far behind. One of these days I will post a blog on moose, probably more on deer too, and I will definitely cover black bear too. Occasionally a photo opportunity does arrive and I can get some of the wildlife in pictures. There are more times when I see something pass through but don’t get a chance to take a picture. As I have stated in previous blogs, we don’t really have much of a back yard … yet. It’s wild out there and I think that makes the deer, hawks, eagles, foxes, raccoons, bats, coyote, fisher cats, otters, and black bear a little more comfortable passing through.


The deer are not afraid to eat from the trees they can reach.


I love the white stripe around the snout. What a beautiful animal.

IMG_5945 (3)

Classic deer pose. All deer are taught this at a young age apparently.


Birch trees hold their own beauty, but adding a deer to the mix, just makes it perfect.

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