18 months of twins

The twins, Theodore Jamison and Jacqueline Sophia, were born in the same minute, at 7:45pm on April 20, 2010. Yesterday they turned 18 months old.

As I went through folders and folders of pictures, realizing that I have thousands of pictures of the twins, I tried to narrow down my search with pictures from around the 20th each month. I don’t have photos of each month on the month, but pretty close. There are more than 100 pictures in this post. I know that’s an awful lot to get through. Check back anytime to see your favorites.

I have also included several photos from the twins first summer vacation, when we spent a week in Maine. During that week, the pictures will show how much the twins enjoyed the soft lawn and open areas around the rental house. They were so happy to come and go as they pleased. We had a great time at a beautiful place, just being a family.

Some of the photos will have captions or an introduction and many will not. This is more about a picture journal of Theodore and Jacqueline’s first 18 months. Enjoy. I know I have enjoyed the hours of time spent going through these.

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